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arg .. while ripping both trainer and cracktro for Kestra, I found out that the ziks of the game Kargon are tampered on AMP. Author is Christoph Rutsch. And one song is missing.
What CD were those stored on ? Couldn't find the list handy.
Bah ... Another "fine" rip I guess, save that the files are stored as is on disks, ready to be picked up. Though, for some reason, FLT4 becomes taketracker ...
So, CD please. After that, I'll probably update and send the extra file to CurtCool.

Thanks pal.

Can you give the names of some kargon tunes?

i'll check that out

only two songs on AMP by this author ..

That's what I could find: 

Christoph Rutsch     MOD.Kargon (Ingame)              31794 ULTIMOD_16
Christoph Rutsch     MOD.Kargon (Title)               64858 ULTIMOD_16

donc des vieux "ripps" tout pourris que l'on peut refaire!  :)

ok, update will be done during the next upload batch (*maybe* this weekend .. not sure at all)


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