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DemonHellraiser contributes to the logo creation

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Our good friend DemonHellraiser kindly offered to paint 3 new logos for AMP, making a total of 97 logos online. They are really superb and have now made their way in the website. Thanks a lot pal and we hope you find the time to paint some more.

Click on comments to view the logos!

Thank you very much for your kind words :D I'm sure I can make some more, when I regain my strength from creating those masterpieces ;)

Sorry to be a pain, but you might want to update those attachments mate as I've made the backgrounds transparent and re-uploaded them here,108.msg446.html#new

No stress mate. Logos changed!  :)

Cheers mate  :)

And here's another one I was working on, a bit different but I hope it's OK ;)

Looks cool. Can I upload it?  :)


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