Andreas Viklund stopping by to say hi...

Started by andreasviklund, November 18, 2009, 12:59:24

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I'm Andreas, a Swedish CSS designer and former professional music producer. Once a member of The Solid Energy Crew (TSEC), Kosmic Free Music Foundation and the act Lagoona. Today not writing any new musical material, but occationally playing around with MilkyTracker just for the fun of it. Every now and then I'm peeking back at archives and old communities for a healthy dose of sweet nostalgia. :)

Tracks can be found right here on AMP, and on various music hosting and file-sharing sites and networks. The songs are free to download and free to share, so grab them if you are curious.


Hi Andreas,

Nice to see you around and welcome in the forum.  :)

if you have some pictures of yourself please send them over. 



There are a number of images on my artist profile page already, including a fairly new one. I could of course send more photos if wanted, but I don't think that would be needed. :)

There is also an old interview and most of my old songs appear to be available.


OK, just noticed who sent me that interview back in the days. Crown of cryptoburners. Nice to see you again. :)



[url=]Amiga Vibes Demoscene podcast[/url]