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Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me?
I've downloaded some old very cool music from my childhood, I found them at and the problem is that all these files are in OMF file format (Onyx Music File)

And I cannot play them. /mirrors/ 20File/Tirana.0.0.html

These MOD-like files were part of a music disc called JANGLE from 1994 (from team Onyx)
( sic/disks/1993/ )

The name of the musician is Tirana. This is a PC version, and DOSBOX just simply doesn't work. (sound problem - I've tried all of the DOSBox versions already...)

Isn't there a player which supports OMF by chance? Google doesn't work...  ::)

Hi larryhagman,

I'm afraid there's no player available supporting this format except for the routine included in Jangle itself. I extracted the modules and made them available at MODLAND in the hope that one day we may find some of those songs in their original format (if those do exist) and someone may be able to decipher the format to develop a player/loader/converter.

For example that once worked out for the CBA format which was used in the musicdisk Expoze by Heretics. After finding a few of the modules in their original format (MOD, S3M) I asked Pailes (author of MilkyTracker) whether adding support for the CBA format was doable, now those can be loaded with MilkyTracker and optionally saved to MOD or XM format.

Thanks a lot!

I've already found two - unfortunately only -chip tunes from the music disc in .MOD format. (from Hydra/Anarchy)
But nothing more. 2 of 22..

..and an another, too. (last betrayal remix)

Then maybe someday.. ?
As I see the easiest way to get an old PC with SoundBlaster and rip to MP3...


 I've tried to convert this format a loooooong time again (about when the zikdisk was out, in fact), but wasn't successful. I didn't raised the subject again due to the lack of new cases.
 I guess I'm a bit more experienced with formats, now. I'll see if a quick converter can be drawn up.
 Don't jump just yet. I don't guarantee nothing, but at least, I'll have a bit more than a look.


Hi Sylvain!

Thank you. Somebody adviced me playing OMF files with , but after your reply I think it will not work. Actually I haven't checked this program yet, only the documentation.

I took a look at the binary files, and they look quite ''regular'' music files, but unfortunately I am not too professional in these formats - and I never was. Once I coded some parts in an S3M player in assembly, but my routine/knowleage already almost gone.. But the header + patterns + 8bit instruments are clearly visible.

I remember about 10-15 years ago I've ripped instrumenst from jangle.exe with a simple cut tool :)

Anyway, thanks everything again!  8)


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