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Hi guys,
please find below some impressions I got from using this forum and a few suggestions to improve its comfort and usability.

1. What's the size limit for file attachments actually?

   From the description I take it it's max. 4 files/post and file size of each attachment
   can be max 128KB. That would be a total maximum of 512KB for attachments/post. I tried
   to attach 4 images (total 236KB) in this post but was only allowed to add three of them
   (total 168KB). Trying to submit my post the forum displayed a message stating that I
   exceeded max. allowed size for attachments. I could not edit my post anymore after and
   had to restart from the beginning, which is ~slightly~ suboptimal. ;)

2. Why is the max count/size limit for attachments restricted this low anyway?

   IMHO that makes handling of attachments quite uncomfortable, forcing users to do size
   management and decide what to attach and what to left out just in order to pass the
   size limit check. This in turn probably will lead to situations where users are annoyed
   and refuse to attach a particular (if not all) files, which leaves the AMP staff not
   receiving certain data and information. For example think of modules which easily
   exceed 128KB file size.

3. Currently there is no option to remove attachment slots. If you want to remove a
   previously selected attachment you can only do so by deleting the contents of the
   attachment slot manually.

4. I would like to be able to upload attachments prior to submitting the post in
   order to optionally preview my post including the attachments.

Thank you. :)

Hi Pal,

thanks for taking the time to do this feedback.

1. I have increased by two digits the size of attachments so it should no longer be a problem.

2. it was the default config. now you can have up to 50 files uploaded.

3. I couldn't find anything related to removing an attachment. Maybe Monty or Asle knows?

4. same here.  :/


 For the 4th point, I guess the coders of the board protected it so that you don't upload stuff which won't be used. Like you start a nice thread, up some files, but cancel the thread. What next ?
 As for the 3rd point, I guess yes, there _could_ be a button which clears a box. hum .. well, there's none available. Maybe we could ask the authors of SMF.



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