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Hello everyone!

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Hi All,

I'm Terry.

Way back in the day, I done some modules and coding in the group PANACEA (also using the handle 'Prowler')

I've tons of mods still on my A1200HD... one of these days, I'll get them transferred.! (Anyone got any tips?)

Anyways, cool to be here :)


Hi and welcome!

Havent used an Amiga in years, but CrossDos was the tool of choice back then to transfer from Amiga>PC.  Alternatively, try emailing them to someone with a PC probably sounds easier.

Hi and welcome.
 I'm afraid I can't help with a transfer of files. I, however, confirm our interest in the result ;)

Good luck

Hi Prowler  :)

Welcome aboard.

Transfer from A1200 to PC

If it's just the HDD then you'll need to attach it to your PC and mount it within WinUAE. Search on EAB will give yo the best instructions If you join, I'm afraid you'll have to choose another name as there is already a member called Prowler

Hi and welcom here.

For the transfert you can make this with a compact flash card.
Take an Pcmcia Adaptator (16bits), install the CFD device on your amiga. After you plug and you transfer. That's All.



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