Filled Vectors - LSD

Started by Asle, January 18, 2010, 20:59:41

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Ok, another shot at these explanations regarding "how to" rip/convert.
This time, filled vectors by LSD.

The binary demo file is crunched with Crunchmania Address. Once decrunched, there's a pseudo Module Productor at position 21114, from the beginning.
It is recognized as a Module Protector (without ID) but, it is missing all the sample refs in the patterns.
These are after the samples data.

The music is structured like this :
*** 31 times the following
* sample size /2 (short)
* finetune (char)
* volume (char)
* loop start /2 (short)
* loop size /2 (short)
patternlist size (char)
"noisetracker byte" (char)
patternlist (128 bytes)

patterns (the note packing is the same as protracker, without the sample refs)

sample data

sample numbers in patterns (char) - all values are *4

I've built a small decruncher of this file, to generate a Protracker. The source is attached. The result, also.