Started by Zargon, January 20, 2010, 10:06:56

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Hello all I am Zargon from Finland, or even a smaller place called "Ă…land". We are a autonomous part of Finland. It's an island between Sweden (Stockholm) and Finland (Turku).
I wonder why I haven't registered earlier...?
Born 1989... I am currently working on a come back, haven't been composing tunes in about 2 years. Yesterday i finished few tunes for a friends game. It was a great start.
Anyway. I haven't been on the amiga scene. I really wish I was part of it, But I was on the PC-scene, I was in group called rapacious and we finished some small things, like giving a lot of NFOs to various groups and making tunes for trainers.

I have lost most of my tunes after various hard drive crashes, and I stupid as I am I was too lazy to burn it to a CD or upload the tunes to a decent module site.

But I recently found some tunes i made long time ago, not the best but the xm's are limited filesize for some chip compo.
Snow Balls for a 12k entry and Winter Happy 24k entry. I will probably upload my newer modules to the FTP later on.




Nice to meet you all

Best regards: Timo Harju aka Zargon


welcome on this board.  ;)

Hdd crash is terrible when you don't have backup   :-\
[url=http://www.amigavibes.org]Amiga Vibes Demoscene podcast[/url]


Hi and welcome indeed Timo,

If you find back anything, and you're willing to share, then please, send up here :).
Do you want me to upload the three example files you've provided ?

Until next time

PS: Hey, I had one song by you waiting to be uploaded ;).


Hi Zargon and Welcome!

Could you fill in the interview form: http://amp.dascene.net/downcount.php?idx=3

and send it back to me with some pictures of yourself?



Sure, thanks for letting me aboard, nice to meet you all :-)

Crown, Sure i will fill in the interview. :-)

Asle, I will upload the tunes i lost when I get them from a friend, I am glad he saved most of my work. Feel free to upload the tunes I gave you or if you have found more Zargon_tunename.xm songs. And yes if I find any tunes that aren't in here I can upload them. But I think most of them are. hehe.

Great work with collecting all these songs on the site. How the heck did you get this much tunes? :-)

Until next time, take care :)