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(UAE) How to rip when pro wizard fails?

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don't expect any answer from me... ;)
Anyone who may share tips for UAE users is welcome! also understanding why pro wizard sometimes fail should be of interest...

woaw, talk about general topic ;)
Ok, well, where to start ? I guess defining the words used would come first.
What do you mean by UAE ? (WinUAE ? running a ripper in UAE ?)
Which Prowiz are you referring to ?
Failing means a ripper didn't recognized a format it is reported to know ?

Generally speaking, a ripper rarely fails. Mostly some unknown format shows up, or some coder played with the known format to change it a little, preventing a clean mechanical rip.

As for the alternatives; your very question; it may vary. I guess that the first case which consists at using another ripper (Exotic Ripper comes to mind) comes here. Then, if this "fails" too, the Hex-editing part becomes a constant, at least to start. You must try to identify something recognizable "by hand". Calling for help at that point generally gets result :). Try EAB or here for that.


Ok. By uae I meant winuae or e-uae, about prowizard I was thinking of  the version included in winuae. I've started this "how to" topic because sometimes prowizard can't retrieve the tunes played during some demos and this is a bit frustrating... Anyway, thanks for the explanations asle!

hmmh, long time ago I ripped something... Ok, I try to recall:

Asle's Prowiz is quite excellet and iirc is able to rip some more obscure modpackers than the avarage Amiga ripping program. It does have it's problem if a file is packed with some File or Diskpacker, and so on.

Don't know about the Winuae ripper. I think it's based on Prowiz/PC (can anyone enlighten me)

What helped a lot was a working UAE- Environment and running Exotic Ripper, using it to load and if possible to let it run/depack a file demo and so on.
For harder things (and I suspected some kind of modpacker)  I ran the demo(disk) in UAE, entered the debugger, made a memory dump and let Prowiz/PC do the rest.

your milage may vary

Winuae uses Prowizard coded by Asle.  :=)


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