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(UAE) How to rip when pro wizard fails?

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--- Quote ---Winuae uses Prowizard coded by Asle.  :=)
--- End quote ---
yep  :D

the Gryzor's tool is fantastic.
* jegougou have the original version on floppy  :)

Hum, yes, well, I'm indeed responsible for the one inside WinUAE. That's the last public version, actually. I've made a few changes since then but couldn't find the spare time (nor the will) to polish a version.
So "can't retrieve" is not a failure, but a misfeature, instead.
Depending on how much you're familiar with ripping, the alternatives will vary. Also, there's good chance a given unsupported music/format may have already been ripped. So, either "googling" it or asking in for it the right place might help.



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