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S3M ripping


ok, I've finished a S3M ripper. Included it into Prowiz, as a matter of fact.
I'm now on my way to check out the musics on AMP in that format.

Was hard to overcome the incomplete official documentation. I've been at it for some time now. It's the third time I'm trying my luck at it ... anyway.

I'll try to add this format into modinfo.


Geez, I was trying to listen to some S3Ms today from an AMP musician.

Great minds think alike.  ;)


Reminds me of something ages ago, I was listening to a s3m from basehead. Just happened to open the mod details in ModPlug Player and noticed the mod size didnt match the file I had.  Looking through the data, I noticed there was a second s3m in the file.  Ran a ripper over it and it detected a second s3m in the file. Nothing rare, just another of Basehead' tunes.  Cant remember which mod it was, but remembered posting something to a.b.s.m (remember newsgroups? lol) about it.

Back then, i probably would have downloaded that off or something, probably the file still has the 2nd s3m in it.  Never found out why the 2 s3m's were in the same file.  Just recall the mod was over 800k.

I remember seeing this problem with the Epidemic musicdisk. Mods Anthology collection had these S3M bad sized.
This could have happened elsewhere I guess, but I'm quite sure about this one ;)



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