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I've been spending a lot of my spare time recently decoding the so-called 'Jason Page' tracker format used in Fire and Ice.  Unfortunately, I only had access to the Archimedes conversion of the game's internal playroutine, in ARM assembler, and as I got deeper in it became more and more apparent that the person who did the conversion didn't know the first thing about what he was doing or the relative properties of PC, Amiga and Acorn sound architecture.

So, while I do now have a converter program that produces music and a fairly thorough understanding of how the format is structured and how it is read, I am aware that the results, while faithful to the Acorn version, are completely different from the original one.

I'm asking because I'd like to know if anyone has any information on this format (or, indeed, a way to ask Jason himself about it) so that I could make my conversion a good deal more faithful.  I couldn't find anything on Exotica (there's a page for it, but it's blank), but I hope I'm not the only person who knows anything about this format - the only alternative would be to get a look at the Amiga binary, and I can only read ARM assembler!

Hmm, apparently the answer is no. :(

I have now managed to produce a set of files which are a fairly close approximation to the sound produced by the original player.  Finding the source code for the Wanted Team's conversion was definitely a big help.

The only problem is that, due to the way the converter works in order to give the best sound possible, several of the files exceed the ProTracker 31 sample limit.  Although it doesn't use many effects, as most of the Jason Page effects are mutually incompatible with the MOD format and its derivatives (I ended up encoding them in copies of the sample data instead), it really does need a format with a long sample list.  At the moment I'm using Archimedes Digital Symphony, and as the only non-RISC OS program I know of which can play that is xmp, which is a command-line program, I'd like to be able to convert them to another format.

The one which seems most sensible is ScreamTracker 3 (.S3M), as that has up to 99 samples, but I don't have any tools to make those files.  Can anybody help?  I've attached a file as an example, so if anybody could return this converted to S3M (or another format with similar features), that'd be great and I'll upload the rest to Modland.

Alternatively, if somebody could confirm it's OK to send files to AMP in such an obscure format, that'd be great as well.


Hi dude,

I have just contact Jason Page and I'll let you know if I hear from him on your questions.

please send the files over to Asle. I am sure that he'll be able to check them out and help

best regards


I sent him a copy of your questions and I should be able to get some answers within the next couple of days.

I also asked for the original tunes (if he has any left)


Thanks a lot for that! ;D

When you say "send the tunes over to Asle", do you mean the original format tunes, or the Digital Symphony conversions?  (The original format tunes are all available on Modland - that's where I got them from.)


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