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Started by swirlythingy, February 24, 2010, 13:39:05

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Reading Dr. Awesome's interview reminded me - would it be possible to add an extra field to the composers database for personal websites?  Also, I see deus-ex provides links in the data posted to the 'musicians' forum...


Hi mate,

There are already some musician websites in the link section but I am definitively missing a few.

thanks for pointing that out.



+1! I want this feature included!
thats hard to keep records of former amiga musicians, especially for those who have changed thier handle and were not as popular as Jesper Kyd, Lizardking .etc


Hi Anarkhya,

OK, that something we could easily add in the DB for each musician.

Do you agree Asle and Monty?


It's always the same. Adding features like this one is always possible. Now, the matter will be to maintain this up to date.
It's been possible to upload interviews since day 1 ... you know the story :) Why would this feature be any different ?


QuoteNow, the matter will be to maintain this up to date.

yeah, I got your point.
Is it worthy to include hundreds of link that could become awful 404 within a year...
well I dont have the answer...