Modinfo - 669 and DMF issues

Started by Asle, February 25, 2010, 19:52:20

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Our pal Xlat detected that modinfo had two issues:
- in 669 format : loop size would be loop end instead. fixed
- in DMF format : 16bits flag and volume were wrong. fixed.

Thanks !


And now some more problems detected by Xlat.
S3M : loop size was loop end in fact.
S3M/PTM : 8/16 bits sample were not detected correctly.

some other problems :
PTM : frequency wasn't displayed.
PTM : size calculation was sometime wrong

All fixed now.



ok, S3M _can_ have sample bigger than 64000 bytes .. despite the doc.
Probably happens in Impulse Tracker ... . Modinfo() fixed.


Works fine for me.  :)

Would it be tricky to add IT. support you think?



IT support sounds possible. One sample per instrument ...
I'll see what can be done, once I get the spare time.



Arg .. ok, another problem detected and finally understood (another thanks to Xlat .. heh) :
16 bits samples in S3M have their size /2 stored, instead of the real size.

So, what changed is that the display remains the same ('sample' size), the total size calculation however uses this 'real' size.

BTW, this 16 bits feature in S3M is _not_ native. It's another improvement made by Impulse Tracker, no doubt, hence the lack of documentation on these additions to the format.