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 I've updated 19 musics to reflect the fact that they were coming from the PC DOS game Star Control 2.
 What's to be noted is that 14 of them had size problem (bad rips, mostly), and more important, the game contains 44 more musics :).
 However, for most of those other musics, the credits are unclear. The game says :

--- Quote ---MUSIC
Dan Nicholson
Riku Nuottojarvi
Eric Berge
Erol Otus
--- End quote ---
I'll upload the remaining musics shortly and attribute said musics to 'unknown composers'. If anyone after that can help identifying the authors, please, tell me/us :).

-- edit --
 All right, that's 20 to be identified. you can find them by searching for either "Unknown Composers" as author or "Star Control 2 PC" as module name.


Some more info here but not sure if it helps

It doesn't :)
Here's what in the ZIP archive :

--- Quote ---Mods was taken from
--- End quote ---
So much for a rip ... . Anyway, there's nothing also down there. No specific credit to a given music.
Thanks anyway :)



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