Looking for a tune from old ST-00 disk

Started by serpent^brs, August 04, 2009, 21:07:18

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The ST-00 disk i'm looking for was Soundtracker v2.x (can't remember which version) and the year was 1988. Like ST-00 disks usually, the disk was full of songs (not mods) for which you had to load the samples from sample disks (ST-01 in this case), like the Karsten Obarski classics and SLL tunes. The song i'm searching for was called "tpag" and i have no idea who made it, sounds maybe like Titan or Oberheim. If anyone has the song, or preferably the mod, can he/she please upload it somewhere :)

- serpent/brainstorm


I checked on some soundtracker disks (1.21, 2.6 and Noise 2.0) but didn't find this song.
Sorry  :-\
Chiptunes & Cheaptunes & Chipstunes


found nothing either. Also, not in the "private" collection of Mogwai, we retrieved at LCP recently.
sorry either.


Ok, thanks for trying anyway. I know that it was there as i do have a very lame "remix" of mine from 80's of the tune in my A1200, where i just basicly changed the samples and altered the drums a little.

I've tried to find it all over the net too, without success..


Would you know where you got these ST disks from?


Got the disk in 1988 from a friend in Finland, he probably got it from some finnish group member, Deathstar maybe.


Well, as I said, Mogwai (of North Star) gave us his disks, and there are quite a few songs in there. However, none come even close to the "tpag" name you proposed. Was it a title or a filename, btw ?


I had the ST disks collection as part of the good old Amiga SoundTracker release.

If I remember correctly, there was about 6-8 different ST-xxx disks with samples and one ST-00 containing songs (that required the ST-xxx sample disks to load in the instruments).

Unfortunately, that bulk of disks propably went into the trashcan when I moved from Norway a few years ago, hopefully someone else still have them laying around. Good luck in the hunt!

Cheers Magnar


Zeg (of Kestra) sent me this ST-00 disk. He also found other ST-00 disks to a grand total of 8. However, after 3, it becomes very well known songs, and not all are even songs any longer :). I've listed, in the attached file, the content of said disks.
Tell me which one rings a bell.


Ok i have the mod now from my old Amiga. The bad thing is that i've changed some samples in my youth and made the drums somewhat different, and who knows what other changes as i don't remember that properly. Anyway it's clearly recogniseable. At the same time i got some other mods that are not here, from people like Gore/Bronx (not in AMP). How should i provide these to you?



ftp is the answer if we are talking about numerous data, or big. Otherwise, by mail (asle at free.fr).

Nice to read from you again :)




Received :).

Thx !

Oh, and to complete the topic, TPAG stood for The Prophets AG, as Serpent pointed out by email :).
The music he was searching for was STK.axk8 by Axk.

Thank you, Serpent, for the musics you've sent !


Thanks Serpent for your support.

If you happen to have information about amiga musicians (real names, ex handles, groups, pictures, etc). please let us know