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Hi guys

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I'm Jegougou a french guy, I'm 29 and I live near Disney land Paris.
I love the demoscene, it's a wonderful world.
There are a lot of years, I make a few mods but now it's not really possible. My kids take  a lot my time.

I participated at two Saturn party in France

best composer for me is : Jester and Moby  (cocorico)  ;)

Sorry for my approximate English

And now this section is not empty  ;D

ahaha. thanks for filling the first thread.  :)

You're doing a great job with your website.

Thanks a lot.

A french demoscene portal was born  :D

Deep in Paris 2 podcast coming soon  ;D

Looking forward to the podcast. post a news here when released.

Ok no problem  ;)

The second musical podcast (demo) is almost ready approximately 80 %.

There will be Amiga, c=64, CPC tracks.


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