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FTP down (again)


For some technical reasons, FTP will be down for some time (might amount to weeks).
We are sorry about that but it seems it couldn't be prevented.

If you need to send us something, and if it's not too big, consider sending over via email to any AMP staff people.


UPDATE : ftp is up again, however, the address changed. Please, refer to the ftp info page.

Hrm, that's inconvenient.  I've been delaying making another Jason Page zip file, because I wanted to be absolutely sure that I hadn't missed anything this time, but I think I've got it working now.

The only tunes which are affected (AFAICT) in the latest update are those from Realms, which have had some quite serious bugs fixed (caused once again by my not bothering to implement a feature until I suddenly realised I'd found a tune which actually used it!).  I've put together a zip containing just these tunes, which is 994,508 bytes - OK if I send it by email?

Sure. Send it to Crown.
Thanks !

As briefly described in the first message, the FTP is up again. However, the "old" is not our FTP server anymore (thanks for having supported us so far !). The FTP server is now on

Have a look at the updated ftp info page.



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