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Modinfo attached.

Got a couple of mods called Silence-Part 1 & Part 2.  Both are not credited as such, but they do share some samples but thats about it.

Looking at sample31 text, maybe the author of both mods.  Does anyone recognise if "Ub@" as a possible nickname for these mods?


 This comes, apparently, from the following PC demo:
 So, the musician is Cube :)
 Please, send over both musics as I wasn't successful at ripping the music from the aforementioned demo quickly.


Thanks Asle for the info, nice find  ;)

I've uploaded them to the ftp.

Had a quick look through the exe and noticed mention of Silence Part 1 & 2, noticed another one for Silence Intro. As I dont remember where I got these 2 mods, maybe I ripped them back in the DOS days or I downloaded them from somewhere else. Not sure if there is a 3rd mod or its just part of the demo with the intro mention.

Well, thank YOU for sharing :)
Both musics are now online.


Is Gateways to Jambala.xm a confirmed !Cube tune?  I seem to remember downloading that from an FTP site but they had it in the Teque/Nitro folder.

Also, while on the subject of !Cube, those 3x .it files.  I have those and they are credited to Cube & Sphere, is this the same Cube? (cos I have 5 more Cube & Sphere mods).


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