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--- Quote from: deus-ex on September 05, 2010, 19:58:02 ---
--- Quote from: Axxy on September 05, 2010, 17:59:11 ---An interesting linky for Crown!!

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Which is already known to AMP at least since October 2009. ;)

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Which is true, but he does like to leech stuff, especially the Music button on Teque's site, quite a few mods there not on AMP.  ;)

I emailed Toni and fortunately he replied:-

"Those tunes credited to "Cube&Sphere" are not mine and I've never even
composed with Impulse Tracker. I think "Cube&Sphere" is actually just a
single person and not two different guys since I've never seen any tunes
by an artist called "Sphere"."

Had a look around the net and found Cube & Sphere have released albums amongst other stuff, they are called Gerhard Potuznik and Hans Platzgumer.  Doubt if they released those .it mods tho.

Nice research ! thanks :)


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