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URGENT: Conner CP30254H Hard Drive missing

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Hi to everyone,

Chromag kindly sent us his IDE hard drive so that AMP could preserve the whole content of it.
The HD hosts all his modules and a large collection of tunes from other Amiga musicians

Sadly, the hard drive's head is broken and our only to hope to salvage its content is to find a working Conner CP30254H HD. It has a total capacity of 250 megs and more details can be found right here:

I hope that someone will be able to help with a donation.
So let us know if you find one of them.

Dunno if you know about this already, but a quick search on eBay turns up this.


Price $186.99, shipping $11, location Ottawa, Canada!

(Edit: fix URL)

Price is "slightly" exaggerated. :/

this drive may be a bit cheaper and closer depending where u are:

hope that helps!


Thanks pal.

this is, by far, a much better resource.  :)


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