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Anders Hamre


I was always wondering if anyone can share some details on Anders Hamre and the sad fact that his artist profile carries the "RIP" flag. :( After many years I'm still unable to find any info on this, let alone any photo of or with him.


I was in contact with his brother Lars, and it's him who sadly announced Anders' death.

AFAIk it did not ever appear in any mags, etc...

What a shame. :'(  Only the good die young, isn't it? He was such a talent musically judging of his modules.

Well, though I'd like to know more about him and the circumstances that lead to him passing away (e.g. how old was he?) I think I leave it at that, don't want to hurt anyones feelings. Rest in peace, Anders.

Thanks for answering, Crown.

Yeah, like you say. Same with Bruno, Maestro, etc...  :/

A sad day  :-\

Rest In Peace in the artist heaven.


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