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 In the upload directory, there's a RAR archive of 1.13 Gb ( :o )split in 7 parts being protected by password. Knowing that only Monty and myself can get there to retrieve the uploads (and he didn't tell me anything), the question is : what's this ? :) Send mail or reply here.
 thanks again to all people contributing !

All the best,

I believe that there are some RAR PW breakers somewhere.  :)

I certainly won't spend some time on this.
The files are as good as gone.


Could you send them to me please?


good luck in retrieving the password, because I learned this is not as trivial as one might think and veeeeery time consuming. The archive you are trying to break is 1.13 GB in size and multi-volume (7 parts) which increases the difficulty of the task even further. Problem is that good Password breakers usually have to be bought/registered as their trial versions offer crippled functionality only which doesn't allow to complete the task. I once tried a PW-breaker utilizing the cores of my NVIDIA graphics card (CUDA) which provided extreme accelerated processing but still it did take quite a loooooong time to run and I wasn't even successful as it was a function limited trial version only. See...? :)

Chances are you are going to burn lots of your time and energy without being successful. Or you end up with an archive containing some lame warez-release instead of modules which you are hoping for, so better be prepared to be disappointed.

BTW, just a couple days ago I deleted a 20 MB RAR-archive from MODLAND (a multivolume archive, though not the first part, and all the other parts of it where missing) which was obviously an warez upload from someone hoping to abuse MODLAND as an warez-server. Strangely this RAR-archive was uploaded into Alse's folder in the upload-subfolder, maybe that was the same person which uploaded the multi-volume RAR-archive to AMP's FTP? MODLAND'S upload folder and thus any created folder in there is not write-protected, but you can't read/delete/download from there with guest-login rights only. (Yes, we are mean!) ;D


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