Started by Asle, January 01, 2011, 15:02:20

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Hello hordes of fans :)

First, in the name of AMP staff, let me wish you all a happy new year 2011.
2010 is over now, and for AMP, quite a few things happened. A new server, a new PHP/MySQL version, Monty moved to a new home, Crown became father, etc. :)

With figures, AMP in 2010 means:
9469 musics were added (about 30 ziks a day)
553 musics were updated
380 authors were added
1111 authors were updated
500 pictures were added

Of course, all this (and much more) made possible with your help, in front or behind the scene. So again, we thank YOU for the nice 2010 that came and went. I hope 2011 will fare at least that great.

All the best to all,


And a very happy new year to you too.  Have you uploaded the Jason Page trackers yet? ;)


Thanks for sharing these neat figures and happy new year to all.  :)


I'm still looking forward to that AMP-Staff-Nude-pics surprise you promised a while ago. ;D

That aside, a worm-hearted welcome to the whole AMP posse in 2011. Good to know you all made it over in one piece. Come on guys, let's gather for a group hug. :D
Best regards


ehehe.  thanks Deus.

it seems that some members of the AMP posse, and more precisely the older ones, are quite reluctant to release such a picture.  :/