obarski mega-mix

Started by swirlythingy, December 09, 2010, 18:29:57

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OK, what happened to this file?  I'm sure I downloaded it from AMP, and now I can't find it anywhere - not even with a deleted marker!

My copy is dated 18/10/2009.  Can anyone shed light on this mystery?  I'm pretty sure it came off Karsten Obarski's page, and its entry was named as its track name (I've renamed the attachment to avoid possible character translation problems).



What happened is that this file got deleted .. on purpose :).
It was a dupe converted to PTK and wrongly attributed to Karsten Obarski.
The original file is here and was composed by Pulsator/Destiny 7.
Please, trash the former version you have and use this original one instead.

Oh, and for proof, please, have a look here.

This is just all about the massive clean up that's been going on for years now, on AMP. The old motto was "get'em all, sort later". Now, it's more quality over quantity ... with still quite a lot of clean-up in the pipe   :P



OK then.  (It wasn't even a very good tune, anyway.)

Now to find out why large areas of his repertoire (e.g. 'rallyemaster', 'blueberry', Oil Imperium) produce a long string of unpleasant atonal chords when played, because I don't think he would have composed them that way.  And I need to work out why the pitch slides on 'sleepwalk' are totally messed up.  I don't think my replayer likes pre-ProTracker MODs at all (as evidenced by the earlier 8-channel StarTrekker incident).  Fun-fun-fun.


Replaying Ultimate Soundtracker modules is no easy thing. There should a specific replay for these, as do DP or UADE.
Good luck :)