[solved] Nukish or Naoish?

Started by Anarkhya, August 09, 2009, 16:43:15

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This mod is listed both within Nuke (aka Spaceman) and Nao (aka Supernao) modography
Is this a co-op tune ? I also can't remember in which prod it was released...

Please, enlight me...



Well, I'd say it's Nao's work :
Maybe some mistake at one point. Nuke's song, on AMP, is the decrunched NP3. So, aside a couple of bytes in sample length (i.e. after loops removed by Noisepacker), it's identical musics (patternlist, patterns and samples).
I guess I'll remove Nuke's one, unless someone can bring up more light ?

Thx for pointing this out !



Thanks for the link! Gratis intro!
I see a Lemon. logo ready to be collected and a bitmap font that pleases me,
you made my day for this!

about the tune.. comments in the sample list are confusing and let me think of a co-op...
also this tune has somewhat a taste of nuke...

the nuke's says:
composed by spaceman

while the nao's says:
na0/[email protected]   >.<   
(you know, the buzz.)
(nukish? quite...--->
    cheerio mate!)

Well, case not closed?


Yeah, nice gfx. Facet at his best...


I was a member of Lemon. and remember this release. This song was made by Nao as far as I can remember it.


ok, Nuke's version is now gone.