Stolen Data 6 Module

Started by vmyks, January 01, 2011, 18:07:46

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I've been looking for this module ever since Anarchy released "Stolen Data 6". I've tried ripping it a thousand times, using every available ripper i could get my hands on, but with no success.  :-[

The module is the menu track, and is the first track that plays when you load the disc. It sounds like a chiptune made on noise/pro-tracker. And it's composed by Nuke of Anarchy. Known here on AMP as Spaceman. As far as i know, he only composed music on the Amiga using Protracker. The other modules by Nuke from Stolen Data 6, can all be found here on AMP.

Does anyone have this module or the ability to rip it?

Any help appreciated.  :)



It's funny this question pops up now, when we spent hours with Zeg on Kestra to find this song too, yesterday :).
Anyway, all the musics in the Stoeln Data #6 are in this mysterious Opus format, according to Kris/Anarchy.
I have extracted said musics but didn't try to convert them as 5 of 6 can be found in original format, here. However, as you mention, the menu music is nowhere to be found. I had hoped it would pop up somewhere, but ...
So I guess I'll have to look into this one.

Will keep you updated.



I sent a message to kris and will ask him if he still has the original files.

i'll keep you updated



All right, I've finally managed to convert this menu music to PTK.
It was added in the latest additions and you can get it here.

It took 5 hours (!) which means 1 hour of work and 4 of debug  :P.

For the one(s) interested, there's the format description attached. I won't provide the C source code this time because it's NOT pretty ... and there's only one example music applying, so ... . Just ask me if you really want to have a look.


Wow, thanks a lot!!!  ;D ;D ;D

That was fast!  :)


Thanks for your efforts, mr Asle!
I hardly recognize Nuke's style but it turns out that I like the flow and the patterns.