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Confirmed to be working.
I reuploaded a optimized version of my avatar in 65x65, half the file size of what this forum app was able to create previously. I think visually 65x65 avatars fit better into the current AMP theme than anything of larger size.

[EDIT]: Find below optimized versions of the avatars appearing in this thread. To the owners: Please feel free to use any of them.

Just curious about the tools you used to crunch the size of my avatar, with the parameters I know I can get 1.79ko but yours is 1.54ko.

I use a certain chain of tools made of PngOut, PngCrush, Deflopt and a self developed batch routine for the command shell TakeCommand/4NT/4DOS which I fine tuned during many years based on my findings recompressing PNG-images. Its preferable to have a strong CPU with multi-core architecture at hand to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time, though.

Well, those seem to be the big guns :D
So it was not an obvious feature I was unaware of, It was really deeper.
So far, I only used tweakpng to kill some chunks. Good to know, thanks!


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