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Avatar size - problems

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Hei mate.

yeah that would be nice.  :)


--- Quote from: Crown on August 09, 2009, 19:31:35 ---Size changed to 100*100 pixels.
--- End quote ---

Doesn't work for me, re-uploaded avatar always gets resized to 65x65.

Same problem with me.  :/

I'm not yet used to smf admin panel but if there aren't any visible options about this matter, solution could be inside the html template. Surely not in style.css as I already inspected it for design purposes. AmiGame uses now a smf board but I did not have yet a sufficient web access to study and customize our smf. I'll get back with infos sooner or later.

Ok. Here are our settings for the board, regarding avatars, hoping it can help...


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