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Started by Anarkhya, August 09, 2009, 22:45:17

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Report an issue regarding new approach of color management by the last stable Firefox release,
FF 3.5.x users should encounter color distortion (eg. mostly darkened and oversaturated hues) while looking at any PNG!
Check the logos section under FF3.5.x and switch via IEtab extension to see this graphic disaster happening...

my best bet to avoid this (for gimp users but I guess Photoshop have the same):
check if you have enabled "save gamma" option while saving your file into png.
[edit]: IE7 might not like this option enabled...

Detailed infos:


Thanks for the tip.  :)


Ok. Simply, use TweakPNG and remove unwanted chunks such as "rendering intent" that your graphic prog could embed.

This should do the trick for you Logotypers out there!