Jason Page v2

Started by swirlythingy, July 02, 2011, 14:38:58

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Well, that was quicker than I was expecting!

New file on FTP: Jason_Page_v2.zip, size 4785416 bytes.

This incorporates the technical improvements made in my Richard Joseph converter, principally the sample trimmer (bits at the end of samples which are, in practice, never heard in the tune not saved) and proper handling of pitch slides (replacing the old vague guesstimate of slide depth).  Many minor improvements have been made as well, including native S3M export (instead of a slightly dodgy second-stage converter) and pattern optimisation (smarter than just having as many patterns as positions).

I've also removed all the junk (or, at least, what I assume is junk) and duplicates (e.g. the second Uridium 2 file, which differs only in the ingame samples available - the music is identical).

Unfortunately, the optimisations weren't enough to push the Realms title music under file size limit, so that one has half-quality samples once again.

Export of original BASIC source not attached because my browser has suddenly decided to refuse to upload anything ending in ".txt" or ".zip" at all. >:(

(Not sure if this should be in the FTP uploads forum?)

EDIT: After much grief, I've managed to circumvent the attachment problem.  Sorry, no comments as usual.


Man, this is great stuff :)
I've now made this new archive (along with the former one) available in the download section.

Thanks for sharing !