Ugly Monster/Tiny Toy typing

Started by [knot], August 18, 2009, 15:27:27

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Hi people,

Just wanted to upload a few unreleased tunes of mine in here - not the worst ones, actually, they'd rather be the best, although this is very very relative, since they're all quite pathetic if you ask me, but anyway... -, so i went and took my Amiga back from the cellar and replugged it.

Damn, it's fucked up !
The LED is green, but no Kickstart screen (got some rhyme, instead).
So i'm heading for a second hand A500 at a good price right now, hoping that my harddisk is still working...

The tunes i wanted to add to the database were initially done for an aborted 90's PC game project.

Other than transfering this lost data, i'm not planning to get back (Pro)tracking anyway.

Have a nice day everybody