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Looking at the comments section of this IT module, it looks like all "0" characters are removed.
Also, the comments should definitely be presented using a monospace font.


 Indeed, that's weird. the zero wouldn't display :). Nice spot.
 I'll see if I can fix that.
 Regarding the font, I see your point and I'll check if we can have kind of universal monospace font. Anyone willing to give a hint, here would be welcome.

PS: it's a nice music by the way :)


--- Quote from: Asle on October 16, 2011, 23:33:31 ---PS: it's a nice music by the way :)

--- End quote ---
thanks :)

Are you looking for some kind of bitmap font? If that's the case, something cp437-ish should work, although there might be a way to obtain IT's original font from schism tracker or something. Otherwise, just using the font-family:monospace; and white-space:pre; CSS properties should suffice.

BTW, the Impulse Tracker version display is also a bit broken ("81.19"), because it doesn't take tracker IDs into account. For interpreting the version field correctly, see f.e. schism tracker's tracker detection code in - the highest nibble in the version is the tracker ID (8 is OpenMPT) and the other three nibbles are the tracker version, so in this case it's OpenMPT 1.19.

"Size of pattern data" also seems to be kinda wrong (looks like one byte per pattern is counted).

Also, did you ever think about anti spam protection for email addresses in ModInfo? There are easy ways to obfuscate emails using CSS (so they are still readable when using a browser, but not when looking at the html code). If you're interested in a very simple solution for that, I can send you the details of my implementation.

So... any news on this?

Bah, none. Call it life.
*geee*, I'm on a lookout for spare time ...
I'll get over to this, eventually.

Just, thanks for your great informations !


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