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Started by Saga, October 16, 2011, 15:52:23

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sounds indeed complex. I don't think that I'll bother with PHP.
The idea is to calculate the correct size of the file. Basically, I'm browsing through the instruments, not caring much whether there's crunched samples ... until the last one. File size wise, that's really where it happens. So calculating the size of the last sample would do the trick.
Oh well, I'll keep this clean source handy and will see if there's something to do over the week-end, about that.

And with my thanks again :)


I can understand how this feature is useful for old broken mods, especially if there are bad rips and such, but I think for IT files it's rather uesless - I think I've never really seen IT files that are too big or too small, apart from those which have extra chunks like those that MPT/BeRoTracker/UNMO3 write if plugins are being used.