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Identifying a chip (from an mp3)

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I believe this is a chip, initially, but I only have an mp3 conversion (probably bad quality) from youtube IIRC, but it seems I can't find the link anymore, besides the title does not help me much. So, if any of you recognise it...

unknown music, for me. However, I'd bet it's Atari ST/Amstrad CPC music :)

Hi pal and happy NY,

it does sound like Atari tune. but never heard that one before.

btw, have you had any time designing logos? can't wait!

Anyway, thanks for the help (:

Well, to be truly honest I gave another shot, say two weeks ago, at the unfinished one I submit earlier, but it frustrated me (again).
So... I'm pretty inactive these days and I hate it, (free) work keep knocking on my door but I'm not in the mood for that... It won't last forever, I'll get back on tracks, eventually !

Bonne année à toi aussi !
Live long and prosper.

ehehe. No stress we understand that. It is just that I miss receiving your fab logos.  :)

take care

PS: where did you find the tune?


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