Amiga Soundtracker / Protracker Competition on EAB

Started by Crown, January 23, 2012, 10:05:07

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Here is a quote from the message found on:


    The goal is to do the whole composition with samples only from the ST-01 disk, which is available for download from here:
    Should be 100% retro Soundtracker style. By that we mean: NO resampling. NO processing allowed. Remember: original Soundtracker had no sample processing facility.
    Exception to rune No2: You can use resample function to double the pitch of a sample if necessary. You can also use taper (small fade in/out) at the sample ends to smooth out the (clicky) loop.
    You can create a module using any of the classic AMIGA trackers (Noisetracker, Soundtracker, Protracker), as long as it is playable by any standard MOD player and has 4 channels max.
    Doesn't matter where you compose it - real Amiga or on emulator (i.e. WinUAE).

The ST-01 samples can be downloaded from the upper mentionned URL!

Btw, no deadline has been set.

PS: How about a new mod, Monty?  :)


Yeah, I saw that thread...

No one seems quite sure what the overall rules will be.  ;D

For the purist mod collector, those ye olde st-01 sounding mods will be welcome.

Unfortunately, as soon as I hear those "st-" samples, I just have to hit delete!  :o


yeah, it looks like someone French has organized it.  ;)

Oh, is it so tough to your ears?   


QuoteOh, is it so tough to your ears?

In a nutshell, yes...

Probably listening to all those 80s remixes done in module form with samples from the ST- disks.....


yeah. try Gladiator as many of his tunes are composed with ST-XX disks.  :)