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Started by deus-ex, August 15, 2009, 22:38:36

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AMP-Link  :

Handle    : Chris Hulsbeck
Real Name : Chris Hülsbeck
Country   : Germany, USA
Ex.Handles: Chris Huelsbeck, Chippie
Groups    : Action, Activision, Art Under Design, Imaginations Of Sound (A.U.D.I.O.S.),
           Aztec Software, Demonware, Factor 5, Golden Goblins, Hard Software, Kaiko,
           Lucas Arts, Nintendo, Rainbow Arts, reLINE Software, Software 2000,
           synSONIQ Records, Time Warp
Web       :
Note: Realname search for "Hülsbeck" does not give any results.
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First time I've seen Chris's last name being spelled like that, Hülsbeck. Always thought it just was Huelsbeck that was his real last name.

Did Chris ever compose any module on the Amiga? I mean, of course he is very famous for doing the Turrican soundtracks etc, but wasn't that in another player/file format than mod?

Do you support that format/song files in the AMP database?

Cheers Magnar


All pictures are now online.

AFAIK, he never composed using Sound/Noise/Protracker, he only used his TFMX format.

At this stage we don't have them on AMP but we might add them later on. :)



As you did not mention it in your reply I repeat to make sure it is noticed: :)

A realname search in the AMP online database for Hülsbeck does not give any results.
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Hi Deus,

Yeps you're right and it comes from the strange characters. I believe Asle is the one that can fix the search query.  :)


Check here
Please, report problems there :)



Update to first post: Artist info and web links added.
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