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Started by Asle, February 13, 2012, 11:20:34

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Mountain Congress'93 is a party that happened in Poland (May-93).
I've updated AMP with the aforementioned party results but came up empty in a lot of cases. Here follows said results such as saved by Zeg (thanks!):
01. Passat/Funzine  "Here We come"  (646).
02. XTD/Union  "Insurrection"  (633).
03. Snoopy/Union  "Energy"  (425).
04. Scorpik/PSL  "Horyzont"  (417).
05. Gacuch/Old Bulls  "Heart And Soul"  (415).
-06. Muad'Dib/Applause  "New War Vision"  (302).
-07. Mephisto/Investation  "Metalcore"  (300).
08. Mr.Root/Union  Compact Love"  (296).
-08. TNT/Turnips  "Uioyf"  (296).
-09. Lynx/Appendix  "Relaxation II"  (292).
-10. Don Diavolo/Blaze  "Nice Face"  (270).
11. CDX/Investation  "Humanoidal Brain X8"  (254).
-12. Berserker/Investation  "The Killer"  (237).
13. Dyzma/Incubusus  "Edek Z Krainy Kredek"  (230).
-14. Dorado/Karmelia  "Jolana"  (224).
15. Maxym/Credo  "Synthetic Existence"  (223).
16. Bethoven  "Voice Of Galaxy"  (215).
17. Dan/Investation  "Paino Mix 3"  (211).
18. Peters/Joker  "Momentary"  (208).
18. Matt/Hiron  "The Cruise"  (208).
-19. Chaser/Ignition  "Space Rules"  (201).
-20. Shogun/Taboo  "Magical Dreams"  (194).
-21. Dreamer-Plexa/FCI  "King The Ding"  (193).
-22. Fuzjon  "Fast Food"  (189).
-23. Liv/Braniax  "Waiting"  (186).
24. Dreamer/FCI  "Wall Of Silence"  (165).
-25. Bobas/Damage  "Shock In The Damage"  (151).
-26. Pavelo/Luzers  "Kill The Hate"  (147)
-27. Jarko/DNA  "Senior Siusia"  (141).
-28. Revisor/Braniax  "Jinx"  (132).
-29. Cooper/Avangarda  "Synhronized"  (123).
-30. Sky  "Mosquitoe's Dance"  (097).
-30. BFA/Suspect  "Hyperspace"  (097).
-31. S2313/Status  "Welcome To Zyxy"  (088).
32. Axel D./BlackBit  "The Helping Hands"  (084).
-33. Dr.And/BlackBit  "Reorganize"  (082).
-34. Kaczor/Independent  "Another Night"  (079).
-35. Wader/Avangarda  "Roland"  (077).
-35. Falcon/68000 Lovers "Love Aggression"  (077).
-36. Zoltar/Technology  "In Touch Of Imagine"  (068).
37. ALX/68000 Lovers  "Silver'n'Blues"  (067).
-38. Bob/Alchemy  "Gumisie Atakuja"  (060).
39. Alex/Freezers  "Life"  (050).
-40. Axel/Alchemy  "In The Pub..."  (015).

All entries beginning with a '-' are not found on AMP. So, the request : anyone knows where to find those ?



I started looking through mine, and pretty much have what AMP has, and the ones missing are also missing in mine.  I've obviously never come across them either, because there are some well known trackers in that list. Hope your search is successful!!


Geez, I hope we could retrieve some of these.

Jazzcat, and other Polish friends, any idea?  :)


I'm trying to remember the website which has mainly polish trackers on it, might be worth a try... 


Not forgetting that some entries _may_ be fake (i.e. known composers with temporary nicks ;) )
Maybe some guys at could help, here.



Try and/or  8)

EDIT: I've asked on


Excellent. Please, keep us updated if something happens :)
Thanks !


One person suggested some mods might be on the Scene Xplorer CDs, the next person denied that and suggested you could maybe contact their originals creators, since for example Chaser or Falcon are still active.

BTW: I forgot I had these, you might actually find some interesting things on these disks.



Quote from: Asle on February 13, 2012, 11:20:34

-26. Pavelo/Luzers  "Kill The Hate"  (147)

I'm sure I have atleast this module lying somewhere on my dh1:Music/Mods directory. The problem is that the man responsible for the repair of my Amiga still didn't give it back! It's been 2 years since I brought the computer to him. And it really makes me nervous. Each 3 months or so he is sending me a sort of "update" and promises that Amiga will be fixed shortly - "just give me 2 more weeks please", "I'll deliver it to your home, up and running, just give me 1 month"... I seriously start to wonder if he still has it.

As for the modules from Mountain Congress. I've asked Chaser for his entry and he replied that it's lost forever. Dunno what happened to the rest of the songs from the compo, I'm afraid they simply dissapeared. Strange.


Down at Kestra, little is known of this party :

The group Grace organized this party (and made the invitation). Isn't there some old Grace member(s) around who might still have some material ?

Missing a few old ziks is understandable, but half of 40 ? that's a lot :).



QuoteBTW: I forgot I had these, you might actually find some interesting things on these disks.

I've been having a root around these disks, and boy is there loads of stuff on them. Shame I can't do anything with Stonecracker and Crunchmania files!  But plenty of stuff to be getting on with. Thanks for the linky's anyway!

I have been getting plenty of mods so far, but because its Amiga stuff, I'm having a lot of trouble getting credits from the productions.  Also, because a lot of the files are tracker packer/player61 format, the mods have no credits either.... (good job for Prowiz though)...  ::)

Ok, now for all things XPK....

I noticed a lot of modules on Dzwieki_Moduly are in xpk format. I would check ModPlug Player's helpfile if it actually worked, but seems its just another thing that was broken by Vista  >:(

Seems MPP plays mods compressed with xpk and powerpacker formats, as long as the file is associated with MPP.  I presume its supported these formats for years, I don't really remember tbh, been so long since I checked the stuff the player supports, but couldn't find any reference to it on the web.  Didn't notice this before, but I accidently renamed a whole load of them in TotalCommander by mistake and didn't notice until I viewed the files they were compressed in xpk.

I'm not comfortable with a load of mods being packed like this, might be loads I don't know about already, but to be honest, I'd rather have them in the uncompressed state.  Apart from emulation, is there a way to decompress xpk on the PC?  If not, I will have to check each file against the usualy lists, individually.

The Powerpacked files are not a problem, I can load those into Milkytracker and resave them in uncompressed size.

I have a ripper on the PC that can detect and save out Stonecracker and Crunchmania formats. Is there a util that can decompress these formats on the PC or a ripper that can search within these formats as well?


No idea if there's anything for the PC, but folks on EAB mentioned something here:

I know I had a mass-unpacker Amiga tool for XPK files, think it was VoodooX or XPKatana...
Anyways, with WinUAE it should take just a couple of minutes to unpack a whole cd of mods. :)