Curse Demo by Quad

Started by Axxy, March 17, 2012, 00:40:14

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Does anyone have the Ethnic.xm by G-Day & Darkxceed from it?

It doesn't run in Dosbox on vista. :(

Stupid ms-dos.....


hum ... runs well here with 40mb RAM.
nothing in memory can be salvaged aside the samples. I guess the pattern data are depacked there. Also no XM header, so to speak, is lying around.
I guess a skilled coder could help handling the data file.

PS:Getting the original from the authors is another option, if anyone knows them :)


Cheers Asle

I was hoping to dump memory in Dosbox and scan for it that way. I can't get it to run in Dosbox or the Debugger version to try it.  I only noticed the ethnic.xm because it looks like resources in the .exe file lists them.

Doubt if G-Day or Darkxceed are still active?