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Started by Independent, June 25, 2012, 08:58:03

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Have amp a software to campare my mods with amp? I have an old software Wish List File Finder to compare my software with tosec dat file to check what i have or not.

A tosec.dat or wahtever would not be bad. I think this is good to check your files with any mod files and you have a time saving.

User upload the mods, you check this with your dat and you see what in amp is or not.


Oh, how that would be a godsend to have a program like that!!

In an ideal world, you would need a program to scan your folders and import various information from the mod files themselves and store in some kind of database, even the sample/instrument texts and comment if the format supports it.

Problems I see are:

crc/md5 checking can throw up dupes even when they are very different.
bad rips - the most frustrating thing is, if it's just one byte different in size, your stuffed
bad naming - if you keep original filenames intact and people like me who rename everything
and the no credit text mods

There's 101 other reasons why it would be very difficult for it. Still, I think AMP like me have no foolproof way to achieve what your looking for, we just have to wade through 1000s of mods and hope!!


Wish File Finder was an example. It works 100% with tosec dat files. You have a collection from pd series and you have not an idea what missing? Wish List File finder can help you to find what are you missing.

Why use amp not the tosec dat in a special version? AMP create the dat (or whatever) from the mod in the database. The mod is the guarantee that this file is 100% the original. A user download this dat and load it in clrmamepro and scan the archive. All the mods in the dat if found be moved to the other directory and the last mods are not in the database from amp.
I think tosec and clrmamepro are well-known

Yes is a hard work but you have manny time saving with clrmamepro. All mods on the ftp you can scan and all what are founding you can delete and the rest is not in the database.

Here is the music.dat from tosec.