Jason Page v3

Started by swirlythingy, June 26, 2012, 21:35:45

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Jason_Page_v3.zip is now on AMP's FTP, size 4,853,002 bytes.

After this I'm going to shut up about RJP and JPN forever.  Honest!  I have vague plans to give the Steve Turner (or "Jason Page Old") format a seeing-to, but I don't expect that to happen soon.

The files in this zip have been less thoroughly tested than usual, so please let me know if you find any bugs.

This archive is mainly uploaded for completeness, because my previous JPN converter was a year old and looking a bit scraggy next to the shiny new RJP one, which had had a lot of changes made to it in that year.  Unfortunately, a lot of said changes weren't applicable to JPN, as it has a range of seven octaves (bye bye to the space-saving and quality-increasing sample recording bypass), and doesn't have fixed-format sample blocks (so long to the elimination of samples duplicated in all but volume).  I did sort of consider making more ambitious changes to make the files smaller, but ended up filing all of them under 'too difficult'.

So, apart from a major restructuring of the inner workings of the converter (satisfying, but not much effect on output), the only significant changes are the fixing of two longstanding known bugs:

Firstly, the way the dynamic sample generator worked in v2 meant that it was very possible that the same JPN pattern could be played twice and produce two different S3M patterns!  This was very irritating, but the fix depended on the above-mentioned restructuring.  So, as well as being neater internally, the converter now produces more correct output.

Secondly, the JPN facility to physically copy 128 bytes of sample data was rather bodged-up until now.  This mostly worked, except for the first world of Fire and Ice.  That one plays properly now.


Excellent stuff again ! nice work :o
I've uploaded it and it's available on the download page (here)

Huge thanks !