Trouble identifying author/demo this module came from

Started by ccollomb, June 27, 2012, 23:19:18

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Hi everyone,

I spent month recently rebuilding my mods collection listening to all the modules I loved, identifying their authors, downloading all known musics from those authors and filter what I liked. I am nearly done but there is one mod that I think I ripped a long time ago but I cannot identify which demo it comes from or the name of the author.

I think it came from a non-finished demo (as in a preview), and I believe there was some kind of plasma into 3d model (like one of the TRSI intros) but not so sure anymore.

Any help will be appreciated,




and it's coming from Arise Printro by Amonia.


You guys are awesome. Thanks a lot for the help, I will make a donation this week-end to support this amazing and useful website.


not required at all, but always welcome.
Glad to help when I can. I'm sure Axxy feels the same :)


Just donated. I know it is not needed but I appreciate the service in general, and trying to support the good efforts when I can.

Keep the good work.