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Started by Saga, August 27, 2012, 16:30:11

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The heading on the analzyer2.php site references the site itself (see e.g. - that doesn't make sense - why would i want to click on a link that leads to just the same site? I guess it would make more sense to actually link the heading to the module, because right now there seems to be no way to download a module from that site, and you are basically trapped there if you come to analyzer2.php e.g. through a search engine.


But ... there's no link, per se, just a A HREF="". I must talk to Monty about this (he designed this part).
And, well, this was not designed to be reached directly, although, I'm wondering why now. The idea was to make a pop-up of some sort. Now, looking at this page highlights some possible improvements.
- author (heh)
- dlink
- a link to AMP

OK, let me talk with the guy and come back to you.
And again, thanks for this report.



Quote from: Asle on August 27, 2012, 19:56:22
But ... there's no link, per se, just a A HREF="".
Yes, browsers just interpret that as a self-reference... Obviously it's a relict of bad javascript coding (the javascript handler shouldn't be an onclick event, but rather be used like href="javascript:..." - but that's not the point of course. This popup close magic does of course not work when coming from a search engine, so it's pointless.

Quote- author (heh)
- dlink
- a link to AMP
Good idea!