MOD playback fidelity ?

Started by Anarkhya, September 08, 2012, 17:26:30

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Salutations !

I'd like to solve a problem but I'm afraid there's no 100% sure solution, you'll tell me.
Let's pretend I'd like to listen to an amiga tune the way it has been composed, the way it originally sounded.. but on my PC.
What should I know ?
- Tracker prog used
- Tracker settings, if any ?
- Then what, should I try to emulate the amiga tracker or use some PC tracker ?
- and above all, is it useful, or is it a lost cause (:



Most accurate, on PC, would be to play the song in the tracker it was written with, in Amiga emulator.
Identifying the tracker seems simple enough, as long as it's not a "MOD"/"STK" (protracker or variants). For MODs, I'd stick to PTK 2.*, with which most of them have been written. As for STK, well, there were so many different versions shipped with completely different replays, that it'll be a nightmare to locate the correct one (not to mention the work to do in order to be able to run those antics ;) ).

Hope this helps


What Asle said....

But alternatively

XMPlay does a good job of most tracked modules apart from a few Impulse Tracker format mods.  Only other negative for me is it's unstable with a huge amount of files.

Even though ModPlug Player is really old and isn't supported any longer, it still plays most modules ok and works fairly well on vista and win7.  I still prefer to listen to mods in this player because it can also handle a huge amount of files no problem.

I also make use of Milkytracker and BRZPlayer which also do good jobs of playing modules.

I've not tried it yet, but I might try Deliplayer2 on this win7 machine, just not sure if it will work though.


All right, so I should explore protracker 2.* within WinUAE (knowing that WinUAE has its own sound options I'll have to play with). At least, I'd hear if there is any rendering differences between an emulated protracker and XMPlay.

Thanks guys (:

On a sidenote, I thought about this rendering "issue" immediately after hearing an Arpegiator's tune where I spotted real playback differences, and I was unable to define which one was accurate (admitting that an "accurate" version may exist on youtube, given the encoding settings): vs


I fired up PT23d :) I'd say your version is the closest to the real thing, although, something seem wrong with the rendering (I mean the output, not the replay accuracy).
I forgot, but you could also use UADE to get a (very) accurate replay.
By the way, there's no set filter (E0*) command in this music :).