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Just look at mod.hi-score and mod.benefactor8 both by Blaizer..
(is there any dedicated topic I missed for dupes busting?)

dupe indeed. trashed the 'hi-score' one.

There no topic dedicated to dupes, so, why not stick to this one :).

Oh, and thanks !


Well, since we have a sticky topic now...

I propose this convention:

"foo" = "bar": The songs are identical; "foo" seems to be the original
"foo" ~ "bar": One song is a slightly modified version of the other
"foo" > "bar": "bar" is just "foo" with some bits missing

These ones are just on Spaceman's page:

chuck2(endgame) = googoo gaga (strangely, these seem to be the wrong way round somehow?  "chuck2(endgame)" contains the text "goo goo gaa gaa !!!!!" and "googoo gaga" contains the text "the end!!!!")
=> Decided to keep both (slight sample diffs). Fact is that in the game (Chuck Rock 2) this music is a Protracker. I've renamed the non ripped one as "MOD.(Chuck Rock 2 DFC)googoo gaga"

"deja vu" > "rott !"
=> way too many differencies to trash either ones. Still renamed the first to "MOD.Anarchy-DejaVu-1" to highlight it's a converted file

"silicon-sector" = "digital innovation" = "kings of dawn" > "gloc-loader(fin.)"
=> " innovation" is gone. MOD.silicon-sector cannot be deleted as they differ in pattern data (more than a little).
MOD.gloc-loader(fin.) has to be kept as well as it's 30kb different and coming from a game.

"kayoto" = "(Premiere)game completed"
=> trashed NP3 converted one and renamed the other.

"system violation" ~ "mystikal!-vibes" (the position jump to the end in the first position has been removed, but the extended intro at the end is still present)
=>will do nothing for now. Discussion downwards.

"skeleton.menu2" = "qqoo9o"
=> trashed first one and renamed second one

"time-for-loving" > "time" (one of the samples has been blanked, and it's not even an unused sample!  Maybe he had to cut it down for something?)
=> MOD.time is gone. Absolutely identical save for the missing sample.

"big deal" = "wonderdog_preview"
=> latter trashed and first renamed to MOD.(Wonderdog preview DFC)big deal

"system controller" = "digitalinnovation 2"
=> the latter is gone

"hard-magic" = "seeing is believing_intro"
=> the latter is gone

"(Wolfchild)W4" = "w4"
"(Wolfchild)W5" = "w5" (you shouldn't need me to tell you this, really...)
=> w4 and w5 gone .... I know, I know

And, most puzzlingly...

"sunday best" (Spaceman & SuperNao) ~ "(Wonder Dog)title" (Spaceman)
...Apart from a few samples!
=> too many differences to trash either one.


--- Quote ---And, most puzzlingly...

"sunday best" (Spaceman & SuperNao) ~ "(Wonder Dog)title" (Spaceman)

...Apart from a few samples!
--- End quote ---

Only difference I can hear, is that hihat sample isn't played on the (Wonder Dog)title version, otherwise they sound identical.

Thankfully, my list seems to be a bit more robust when it comes to dupes or I have been a bit more lucky spotting them, but even I haven't been immune to finding dupes.

Mystikal Vibes & System Violation  (20k difference)
hard-magic & seeing is believing_intro  (20k difference)
big deal & wonderdog_preview  (1k difference)

Only 3 I have that have dupes for Spaceman.  Unless played back-to-back I would never had noticed the difference and the methods to locate dupes all would have failed on these 3. ie, name/filesize/contents...
I am going to remove seeing is believing_intro and wonderdog_preview, not sure about the other one, not sure which would have been the original release, possibly Mystikal Vibes (only cause the mod sounds like it's name).....

Nice spot ST!

begun fixing around and commented when done in previous entries.
To be added :

also in Spaceman dir =
=> the latter was trashed and the former was renamed

MOD.bubba.level5 = MOD.bubba.level6
=> trashed the first and renamed (or will) the latter

MOD.(Wonder Dog)game complete = MOD.bubba.title
=> Keeping both (will renamed the latter)

MOD.fusion~ = MOD.fusion
=> trash latter and renamed first to MOD.nuke.fusion

About that:

--- Quote ---"system violation" ~ "mystikal!-vibes" (the position jump to the end in the first position has been removed, but the extended intro at the end is still present)
--- End quote ---
"MOD.system violation.lng" is the same as "MOD.mystikal!-vibes". "MOD.system violation" is a converted rip for the same named demo.
I don't really know what to do about these, really.
I've attached all three files to this archive, if it can help decide. I've also added the respective ModInfo text files.

Ideas ?


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