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Started by swirlythingy, September 27, 2012, 18:27:20

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As I suspected way back when I wrote the very first version of my Jason Page music converter, but have only just now confirmed, the current version of that archive is not complete.

Have a look at this list.  There's Virocop tune 1, tune 2, and so on all the way up to tune 9.  Then there are tunes 11 to 14.  There is no tune 10.

What is particularly aggravating is that UnExoticA doesn't have the Virocop music at all, which closes off the solution I found when I discovered that some of Modland's Richard Joseph tunes were faulty.  No other sites seem to collect these 'exotic' formats.

As for exactly what tune is missing, I confirmed my suspicions by watching the longplay video.  The numbered files are arranged in groups of two, and the two tracks within each group have the same samples.  So tune 1 is the main theme for the first world, and tune 2 is the boss theme.  Tune 3 is the main theme for the second world, and tune 4 is the second world's boss theme.  Tune 9 is the main theme for the fifth world... and if you watch the video (2:18:00 is about right), you'll hear a set of tunes in the background of the fifth world's boss fight which do not exist in my archive.

Can somebody please re-rip the music from this game?  I've come this far, I don't want to deprive my converter of every possible JPN file I can throw at it!


hum .. I gave it a quick shot. Samples seem easy enough to retrieve (it's all on DOS disk), however, songs are probably part of crunched files.
Must ask to a skilled coder, I'm afraid.
Oh, and I noted the subsong #2 (starting at #1) of 'realms intro' is also missing in your archive.


Quote from: Asle on September 27, 2012, 22:58:59Oh, and I noted the subsong #2 (starting at #1) of 'realms intro' is also missing in your archive.
That's deliberate - they overlap.  The offset to subsong #2 is less than the length of subsong #1, resulting in only the last few sequence positions of subsong #1 - corrupt data, in other words.  A lot of Richard Joseph's tunes (James Pond 2, Cannon Fodder 2, Diggers) have the same problem.

I guess I'll ask on EAB... if they haven't deleted my account for inactivity yet! :P

(Semi-amusing anecdote about broken subsongs: Between the end of subsong #1 and the start of subsong #2 in Virocop tune 8 is sequence data - with all the pattern data still intact - from Virocop tune 7.  Additionally, subsong #3 in both of them is identical.  Lee Banyard must have composed that one in a hurry!)


Success! ;D

Can you merge the contents of this zip with the main JPN archive, please?


Excellent. Archive completed with the 4 new musics.
Thanks again :)