Started by Asle, May 13, 2013, 19:13:53

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Disc-Man uploaded some more material on the FTP (or I assume it's his upload ;) ).
Thanks for that. However, some remarks:
- MOD.demon sword -> is this your work ? if so, the "(C) X-RAY & BOB" represent which one of you then :)
- XM.MMX -> is that really the title ?
- XM.graapus -> I assume it was yours.

All material is now on-line, save the first two first listed files. It shows in today's additions.

Thanks again
All the best


OK, added another load that was uploaded yesterday (thanks !)
I decided that the musics without title (inside) would still get uploaded with the DOS name they had (MMX, SMELLZ, UP2NO), until a better title pops up :).

question about 'demon sword' still pending.