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Either this is something you have historically exclude (maybe because other sites like already have it), or just the timing to implement stats and comments has not been right yet.

Personally, I like ratings and stats. And also the ability to leave comments on others work. And I would very much like to see that even here on AMP per song and artist.

However, it should be implemented without messing the layout too much (which other sites kind of failed doing).

I like the speed and simplicity in how things are listed and presented at AMP, but it would be also very nice if these features could be implemented without making too much impact.

Cheers Magnar

Hi Magnar

 There's no historical choice to exclude comments at all. Rating, on the other hand, is ..err .. banned. To close this rating topic, before continuing with the comments, here's what can be said. AMP aims to be a repository. Rating is subject to taste, and, taste is based on scale that varies. We want facts, nothing else. I was admin at Nectarine and I know for a fact that it's not good to allow votes
 Now, about comments. Well, I can split my reply into several parts :
- No comment for now, as there is no user management. So, nothing is open. Plain and simple. And this very point closes the topic I guess :)
- There has been some discussion about adding _author_ comments (so, not listeners). But we don't really know how to display those. A new page ?  A popup ? etc.
- we already have some info about music files (displaying samples and all), and some party ranks (all in the DB right now). But again, no time spent to think about a way to display those.

 All in all, I guess that comments are welcome as long as they come from either the author or someone very close to the author (same group, same dev team, etc.).
 I would push it to add those "modinfo" data, as well as party info, when available.
 In fact, I'm planing to add a new button in the module list, like "info". But then, once clicked, then what ? :) Why not discuss it here ? Monty ? Crown ? Curt Cool ? Anybody ?


Like Asle said, we need user management and authentication systems to put comments or rating. I started to work on it about to years ago, my idea was to implement a download basket you can fill with mods and receive later by email in one big archive.
I was also thinking of a few selectable preferences like "mod. or .mod", "Windows(tm) friendly names or original".
As a matter of fact, it's not yet finished ::)

My opinion about rating is almost the same as Asle.

Comments in the other hand could be done by some enthusiasts wanting to share their knowledge, much more a review of a composer and advice on what to listen and so on.
Displaying it can be done easily by adding a new line featuring a preview of the review at the bottom of each composer table in search results and displaying the full text when looking at the complete ID card.
Maybe by selecting each week a review and displaying it at the top of the homepage we could help people discover great composers deserving more popularity.

About detailed mod informations, I think we should discuss how to display this together Asle (lunch or diner next week?). I've some spare time to spend on AMP, I'll work on this topic.

lunch will do. Any day of the week ;)
call up or send mail when the timing is right for you.


Guys, please avoir popups as many browers block them by default. I believe a small logo indicating that we have comment on that specific tune (a light bulb for example) so that anyone can click on it so that it opens a new page with all explanations from the composer.  :)


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