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 This was more or less on my TODO list since the day I was on-boarded on the AMP project (quite some time ago now ;) ). However, aside any technical consideration, we are talking about a _huge_ job, here.
 Let's take your example : Bacteria by Crusaders. Now, if you click on MOD.drums by El Cubo, (modinfo) it would say somewhere that this is the loadertune of this musicdisk. I'm willing to bet a lot that soon enough, there will be question to know what are the other musics in this musicdisk.
 Basically, that leads us to doing a Kestra, but bigger ;). It's obvious people will want to search by production, or original composer or whatever extra information that may be input. So this is not just "additional" information but well structured database fields.

 Still, let's be open and imagine that we somehow manage to do that (the technical part). I fear there won't be enough manpower and/or spare time to do the fill-up part.

 I don't want to be the one saying "NO", but I doubt it'll see the light of day. Moreover, as it is, Crown and Monty are only rarely around here for professional reasons ... The simple things we do now (upload - CD creation) is all the time we can spare.

 Anyway, these are of course good ideas. I would love to do these searches by production, but ... Well, maybe one day.



would it be possible to have visitors to take an active role in linking a mod to demo, etc.

Wouldn't that ease/speed-up the process?

In theory, yes.
But there's some work, here. People may want to provide us with a link, like it was done in Nectarine or is done at Bitfellas. It means some connection to those sites (Kestra/Pouet).
We could also provide the whole she-bang, but I don't think it'll get very popular if people have to input everything (not talking about human error rate).

This must be thought over, prior to any move. Let's just get sure of what we'd like to do.


That's right. Furthermore there are lots of broken links on POuet, etc. Which makes the update pretty painful. Well that's something we can discuss next time we visit the italian restaurant.  ;)

well, if you show up this time ...


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