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AMP-Link  :

Handle    : Chromag
Real Name : Timm Albers
Country   : Germany
Ex.Handles: Albert Timmsen, Animalogic, Cromag, Grey, Mr. Kromcrack, Oelpest!, Prophet, Voyage, Zulu
Groups    : AcmE, Addonic (ADC), Artwork, Complex (CLX), Cult (CLT, The Cult, Cultural Productions),
           Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Dual Crew, Ecstasy (XTC), End of Century 1999 (EOC 1999, EOC),
           Essence (ESC), Exult, Fairlight (FLT), Flying Cows Inc. (FCI), Haujobb (HJB),
           Lego (LGO), Megaforce (MFC), Neural, Platin (PLT), Polka Brothers (PB),
           Proton Ltd. (Proton, PTN), Rebels (RBS), Royal Amiga Force (RAF), Spaceballs (SPB),
           Talent (TAL), TDC, Tristar and Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Vision Factory
Web       :

EDIT: added Soundcloud link, added handle 'Zulu', added group 'Complex (CLX)'
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All info were added. Thanks mate!